Monday, 8 September 2014

Beneath - a VR experience for the Oculus Rift


I am proud to present my first VR experience

This short experience will take you through dark and atmospheric caves, riding in an ore cart with physics and realistic sounds.

I have been working hard since i received my Oculus Rift DK2 a month ago, my background in Cinematography, VFX, Audio composition, Texturing and Modeling, all came in very handy leading me to make a first experience that is quite enjoyable in my opinion. A lot of time was spent learning and debunking issues so keep in mind that this was made by one person in a short amount of time.

This Demo was tested and optimized to run at a steady 75fps on a GTX 670, it is possible that you experience slight stuttering depending on your system. It is preferable that you run it in Extended mode, by launching the DirectToRift executable, until i figure out why DX11 is so buggy i will not be testing Direct Mode.

Here are a couple of screenshots and a download link below, enjoy!

Beneath 2.2
- Performance improvement
- Bug fixes
- Some changes here and there to improve the experience

Beneath 2.1
- Reworked all my models and removed as much as 50% of unnecessary polygons, hopefully this will remove some stress on older hardware

Beneath 2.0
Again, after a lot of hard work and sleepless nights, i am proud to announce an update to my original experience, fixing many bugs, adding content and changes, what was added? I won't spoil it, try it!

- Added content
- Bug fixes
- Improved cart behavior
- Lighting improvement
- Lots of tweaks for an overall better experience


I would like to thank Guy Starbuck for some excellent references and for letting me sample one of his ore cart ride as a base sound for my demo

Also big thanks to Drash, for his life saving Black Smearing reduction script

Amethyst model was generated with Debris Maker

Download Beneath 2.2

WIN - OneDrive

OSX (Untested) - OneDrive
OSX (Untested) - MEGA

If you enjoyed this demo and feel like making a donation, you can click the donate button below, this will allow me to keep making free content for the Oculus Rift